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Hi gals, and welcome to the first blog post. If you don’t know me yet, my name is Jade (if you hadn't guessed) and I am the founder of this little website. As I explained in our story section, I really wanted my website to have a ‘bloggersphere’ style in which you can come to for style inspiration and heck, why not… have a little shop while you're at it!  

I hope you all enjoy reading the blog, and you don’t get too bored (I’m a bit of a blabber) – but if you don’t like reading, I will hopefully provide you with some pretty pictures you can have a look at instead.

So…let’s get in to it.

I wanted my first post to be about something that means so much to me. Body confidence. This is something that so many people struggle with these days, particularly in the world of social media.

We are living in a world now where it is so great to see the fashion industry accepting ‘normal’ sized girls, and not sticking to the portrayal of having to choose stick thin models. However, I completely understand that some girls have a naturally petite frame and shouldn’t be shamed for being that way either. I feel it’s all about balance.

After watching my cousin Charli Howard go through her battle with being shamed for being ‘too big’ within her modelling agency in London. (and by no means was she – see picture below)

charli howard

It actually made me realise how we all wanted to aspire to look a certain way that wasn’t necessarily healthy. However, since then Charli has whisked off to New York becoming signed to an amazing modeling agency, Muse NYC who represent all models.

Now herself and her amazing model friend Clémentine Desseaux have come together to form a project called the All Woman Project. They are a group of gorgeous women consisting of all shapes and sizes, wanting to represent us as females and make us feel amazing and comfortable in our own skin. Now this is totally what Love and Grace stands for!

Definitely, give these gorgeous girls and the All Woman Project a follow on social media, by clicking on their names below.

All Woman Project

Gaining Body Confidence

It is so easy to compare yourself to others, and I just wanted to share my tips on feeling good about yourself and ways to improve your body confidence. (By no means, I still have my days when I just feel blah…but most of the time I just think of these four things - see below the picture)

jade dare body confidence

1. Do not compare.
This is one of those that are so easy to say but are a lot harder to do. But please remember to try and not compare yourself to others out there. I spent endless days on social media thinking, ‘Why don’t I look like that.’ But it’s about learning to love your body, flaws and all.

2. Understand cellulite and stretch marks are ok.
This is one thing that a lot of women have panicked about and it has always had a negative light put on it. This is something the All Woman Project push out there. Both of these things are normal in the world of female’s bodies – and even some men get it. So don’t be afraid when you’re walking on the beach this summer in your swimwear because half the chance the girl you’re comparing yourself to has it as well.

jade dare body confidence 2

3. Exercise.
This for me is something that I go through phases of, and to be completely honest since setting up Love and Grace I haven’t been a regular goer to the Gym. But I know that I feel so much better when I have exercised. This may seem like it is going against ‘embracing your natural shape’ but exercising releases happy endorphins, so it is always good to do a little bit of exercise during the week, even if it is just going for a walk.

4. Just eat it.
Finally, just god damn eat the cake. If you really want some cake or something they class as not so good for you, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s of course all about moderation. Just remember though…you can have a salad another day. 

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this blog post. Let me know whether you have any more tips that you would like to share with others on improving body confidence. I really want to make this a sense of a ‘gal crew’ vibe, helping to empower each other, so get commenting. 

And just remember...

eat the cake meme

Love, Jade

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